Two experienced Swedish hairdressers - and a course in Stockholm. So begins the story of BRUNS in 2006. Chemicals, allergies, recurrent nasal blood and eczema. Johanna and Cecilia had seen the back of the hairdressing profession and wanted to change and improve..

Make hair products sustainable for hairdressers and customers, create a better work environment and contribute to less environmental impact. A few years after the course in Stockholm, the trip started seriously. Cecilia bought herself in Johannas salong BRUNS hairdressers. Together they cleared all chemical preparations and became Green Salon Certified - a guarantee that an activity is free of harmful chemicals..

Johannas 75-year-old father Per, with a genuine interest in the composition of raw materials, is a major part of BRUNS success story. Together they created BRUNS first products - home in Johanna's kitchen. Since then, they have continued to put down their entire soul in influencing the hairdressing industry in a positive direction.

The BRUNS brand consists of a lounge in Lund, one in Malmö, as well as its own factory where BRUNS products are manufactured. They have won numerous prizes for their natural raw materials and thoughtful environmental philosophy, sponsoring organizations that are warmly on their hearts, and continue to create aesthetically pleasing products that make a difference to customer, occupation and environment.

BRUNS Products Founders - Johanna and Cecilia
Founders and Developers of BRUNS: Johanna Lindskoug och Cecilia C Nilsson